Bilistic ~ Talent Defender
Date: Saturday, June 06, 2009 @ 18:31:46 UTC

Artist: Bilistic

CD: Talent Defender

Home: Wichita, Kansas

Style: Rap

Quote: "A well-rounded album, featuring rap with substance alongside catchy anthems."

By Beeb Ashcroft

Rapper Bilistic pulls no punches on his latest release, Talent Defender. Crafting infectious raps that are slick and radio-friendly, Bilistic's material deserves attention it's every bit as good as the top 40 rap you're hearing. I don't doubt that if he had the kind of major label funding that big league rappers do, we'd be hearing his beats blasting out of cars around the country. His rhymes are tight, well-written, and consistently deliver throughout the 20 tracks on this album.

There are many solid club bangers on here: "Poppin' Bottles" is a standout cut that reminds me of T-Pain; the booming anthem of "Let It Drop"; the tight jam of "Buck"; and "The Real Midwest", a thumping track where Bilistic represents rappers from the Midwestern US. If you thought that the Midwest was nothing but corn fields and that no rapper from Kansas could be legit, Bilistic has a few choice words on the issue.

His flow is fast and furious, and Bilistic isn't afraid to speak his mind; he addresses many of his demons on this album. Sure, there's a lot of club themes on here - and while "Let It Drop" is one of my favorite raps on here, I personally have a hard time relating to lyrics like "Wanna make some cash? Just shake that ass, girl" - but there's a lot more to Bilistic than just that. Bitingly honest and intensely personal rhymes make up much of this album, chronicling his personal life struggles. "Get High Tonight" is a poignant, introspective rap about depending on drugs to deal with pain. "I gotta get high to face the unthinkable," he raps.

One of those unthinkable events was his incarceration as a teenager, when he was sentenced as an adult for a high speed chase following a robbery. The most moving rap on here is "Where Will I Go," which Bilistic wrote about the experience. As he muses about his life and mistakes, he sadly illustrates the complexity of these social problems. When Bilistic shows this introspective side, you truly feel empathy and sadness it makes it so much more real and gives you an insight into why some of his raps are filled with stories of guns and violence. On "Trapped," he raps about trying to make a better life for his family and overcome his anger.

Talent Defender is a well-rounded album, featuring rap with substance alongside the catchy anthems. If you're a hip-hop lover, check out Bilistic's rhymes I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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