Jay T. Vonada Quartet ~ Jammin'
Date: Saturday, June 06, 2009 @ 18:41:36 UTC

Artist: Jay T. Vonada Quartet

CD: Jammin'

Home: Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania

Style: Jazz / Blues / Funk

Quote: "Encourages couples to take to the dance floor."

By Rachel Sedacca

The Jay T. Vonada Quartet gets down with eight tracks of jazzy blues on this 2008 album Jammin. It's composed and arranged by Jay Vonada, who plays trombone like nobody’s business. With plenty of texture, this four-piece manages a very full sound, walking us through each piece with obvious skill and a teamwork that is so important when we’re talking about making each sound count. I think these guys succeeded. Vonada on trombone, Adam Kurland on the keys, Jacob "Jake" Hibel on the bass and John Sullivan on the drums all seem out for the good of the whole.

Vonada can be proud of this project, showcasing him not just as a trombonist but as a composer and a master of arrangement as well. He kicks off the listen with his "A Blues," leading you to the basement level of an old brick building into the smoky speakeasy downstairs.

"Mina" is a delightful waltz with classic sensibility that showcases an arpeggio trombone by Vonada on a fun and light piece that encourages couples to take to the dance floor. Adam Kurland gives us just enough piano on "RoseAnn," starting the listen out with an understated but effective introduction. This tune takes it down a notch, with a smoother, more relaxed groove giving the texture to the compilation that I referred to.

The proof is in the pudding, and I think this project will give the band momentum and I wish them the best, I think they’ve got the chops for certain. Well done.

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