Plenty of Proof That Ads Don't Support Web Music
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009 @ 21:56:59 UTC

Three years ago this month, the Financial Times and The New York Times chronicled the emergence of an untried but promising new digital-music service: SpiralFrog. Some of the hurdles that contributed to SpiralFrog's spiral out of the sector are the same confronting former rivals. The start-up would offer music free of charge to consumers and attempt to hand the bill to advertisers. Since then, we've seen a dozen companies make names for themselves by offering their own twist on the ad supported music model, including MySpace Music, Imeem, and Pandora. But regardless of how anyone has tweaked it, not a single service in the still-nascent sector has proven that it knows how to offer consumers a compelling free-music service while providing advertisers an effective way to deliver their messages. Complete Article

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