'Sing Out!' Magazine Needs Your Help
Date: Saturday, December 05, 2009 @ 12:50:13 UTC

Pete Seeger is asking us to join together to help a folk music institution. Since 1950, Sing Out! Magazine has been one of the most effective and respected ways for musicians to share and learn. As Sing Out! heads towards its 60th anniversary next spring, its non-profit parent - which also produces "Rise Up Singing," Sing Out! Radio Magazine and Pete's newly revised autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone - is fighting for survival. Throughout its existence, Sing Out! has always operated close to the bone financially, but recent economic conditions, along with the current state of the print trade and periodicals, have come together to put the very existence of the magazine and organization in real danger. If you care about folk music, and want one of its community's strongest voices and allies to survive, check out Pete's message. Website

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