Handicapping the Sure Failure of Rolling Stone's New Restaurant Venture
Date: Saturday, December 05, 2009 @ 13:42:42 UTC

Reviews of Rolling Stone: Drum King, the videogame brand extention undertaken over the summer by the once venerable rock mag, were not kind. I'm From Rolling Stone, the MTV-sponsored reality TV show, limped through ten episodes in the spring months of 2007, and was promptly cancelled, although its Wikipedia page remains good for a laugh or two. (E.g., "Peter Maiden is now a video editor for Rolling Stone. He is also a bartender in New York.") The music mag business has been revealed to be a delicate one indeed. So what, in the waning hours of 2009, does the visionary publication see as its future? Well, according to LA Times, Rolling Stone will leverage "its status as a preeminent chronicler of the rock music world and pop culture" into a new kind of empire... "built on food and drinks." Complete Voice

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