Delta Airlines 'Sonicbids Indie Showcase'
Date: Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 15:23:43 UTC

The "Sonicbids Indie Showcase" program will feature a minimum of 6 Sonicbids artists on an audio channel on Delta Airlines domestic and international flights. The showcase will air on this channel for 45 of every 90 minutes for two months (May/June 2010). This breaks down to your song being played approximately 20,000 times on 42,540 flights to over 5 million listeners. Selected songs will also be announced on air and listed in Delta’s online Sky magazine. Also, artists will be paid appropriate royalties through their performing rights organization. Based on the time of year, the theme for the show is Spring/Summer Spirit. Songs submitted should be upbeat, light and capture the spirit of that magical time of year. This opportunity is open to artists from around the world, in every genre, as long as the songs are about that spirit. Submitted songs will be reviewed by Delta Airlines' Music Supervisors. Submit through Sonicbids. Website

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