The Problem With Fan-Funded Music
Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 12:05:28 UTC

You want blood? If you’re a Gang Of Four fan, you got it. In a bid to drum up interest in their new album "Content", the punk-funk pioneers have put together a box set version, stuffed with personalized goodies, including vials of their blood, a cassette of their first-ever gig, a decorated Walkman, and a yellowing pair of guitarist Andy Gill's Y-fronts. There’s clearly an element of cheeky humour in this - the scratch-and-sniff booklet has to be a joke - but it's indicative of a serious and meaningful development in the industry: fan-funded music, which until now existed primarily as a chin-strokey blog topic rather than an actual thing, is starting to pick up real-world momentum. Complete Article

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