Plugged/Unplugged: How Facebook Will Change Digital Music
Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 14:53:38 UTC

No longer just a popular social network, Facebook's new mission is to become the underlying social engine powering the entire Internet. Facebook intends to take all the features users enjoy on Facebook - the like button, comments, friending, news feeds, etc. - and apply them to other websites, indeed the Internet at large. Facebook already has trained more than 400 million users in how these functions work within the Facebook confines. Applying them to the broader Internet holds significant implications for the music industry. Facebook's Open Graph initiative could conceivably create an Internet where digital music services will know each user's musical preferences the minute they navigate to their site, and automatically cue up the playlists, recommendations and music geared toward them without going through today's painful process of "teaching" the service to recognize their tastes. Complete Article

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