Wagons West Booking Seeking Touring Artists
Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 20:32:40 UTC

Wagons West Booking helps bands and artists book tours and also offers consulting support. If artists have had success in their local area, released an amazing record, opened for national acts, or have an amazing story, this is the perfect opportunity for them. Wagons West will work with the artist to get the right dates and venues booked, and will offer promotional advice. They are looking for great bands and artists that want to tour or get help filling in the gaps between shows on the road. The artist determines where they want to tour, for how long, and Wagons West Booking will do the rest. Artists must have a CD released, music online, and something setting them a part from the masses. Serious inquiries only! Compensation will be handled at performances; they do not handle compensation through Wagons West Booking. Website

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