Audio Independents Radio (Jul-Oct 2010)
Date: Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 15:55:44 UTC

Audio Independents is a New Orleans-based online radio show featuring independent artists in continuous rotation. "Common Nonsense" is a one hour talk show on Audio Independents Radio spotlighting artists as well as an "off the cuff" look at news, technology and entertainment. Each week features new artists as well as great classic rock, blues and pop. "Common Nonsense" is currently being aired on NRG 107FM in Gatwick, England and Rabbitohs radio in Sidney, Australia. Independents Radio airs most genres of music, however it does not play metal, rap, or hip-hop. No compensation will be provided to the artist and a release is required from royalty payments. Submit through Sonicbids by October 22. Website

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