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Date: Monday, August 09, 2010 @ 18:58:16 UTC

The following artists qualified to advance in Indie-Music's Top 25 Awards (Round 2), with winners announced in January. Congrats to all these great Nominees! Round 3 is now open! Winner's List

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Addison Station, Allison Scull and Victor Martin, Alyssa Atherton, Bud Summers, Carolyn Nicely, Chris Stone Band, Callie Cardamon, Corduroy, Demizes, Dennis Donoho, diSanto, Elijah Black, Elvis Has Left The Building, EM3, Gloria Miller, Gov't Majik, Heroes U.K., J. Harrell, Jack Stevens, Kayiness, Loomis & The Lust, Lydia Mamsie Tsosane, Mark Kerr, Mark Searcy, Matt Mitchell Project, Men of Prayze, Miles, Mina Cho, Nooz, Or The Whale, People From Venus, Percy Sledge & The Aces Band, PetalShelf, Rayvon, Rick McGuire, Rob Frommel, Rob Skane, Rod Kinny, Saturate, Scarlletta, Sean McCarthy, Serge Nikol, Shay feat. Keen (of Sleeper Cell Crew), Stephanie Porter, TB, The Adam Kiraly Trio, ThaGataNegrra, The Goodbye Radio, The SilenTreatment, Thy Last Scream, Tiffany Jo Allen, Time and the Hour, Tom Conway, Vir, Yung Ro, and Zoe Myers.

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