Tour of India 2011 Presented By Planetary Group and Sonicbids
Date: Monday, September 13, 2010 @ 13:52:57 UTC

After nine years of successful shows and tours in China and Scandinavia, Planetary Group is now accepting submissions for a tour of India. One Sonicbids artist will be selected for a once in a lifetime, all expenses paid tour of India's best venues through cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore. The tour will take place in late January of 2011 and will be 1-2 weeks in length, depending on the number of dates confirmed. Planetary takes care of all logistics: visas, airfare, backline rentals, permits and housing. Genres accepted include Rock, Pop, Reggae, World, Jazz, Blues, Singer/Songwriter and Hip-Hop. Submit by October 19. Website

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