PledgeMusic Direct-to-Fan Funding Engine to Be Integrated Into Sonicbids
Date: Monday, October 11, 2010 @ 08:55:33 UTC

PledgeMusic, a leading direct-to-fan platform for raising funds for musicians to record and tour, has announced a partnership with Sonicbids that will integrate the PledgeMusic campaign engine directly into the Sonicbids dashboard. This will give artists the opportunity to find gigs through the Sonicbids platform and also to create and manage a fund raising campaign to support both their recording and touring activity in one, easy to manage place. PledgeMusic will make the first pledge at $50 for any Sonicbids artists that start a campaign. A successful campaign would mitigate the cost of certain festival and gig submissions for artists, including the upcoming SXSW festival. Website

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