Is Spotify Really All That?
Date: Sunday, November 07, 2010 @ 21:22:22 UTC

The much-ballyhooed subscription service is about to launch this week. Or next month. Or not. As a free service. Or only paid. Maybe. Amid all the uncertainty, Billboard plugged in its earbuds to find out if Spotify is actually worth waiting for. In the United States, the streaming music service is more myth than reality. Few people here have used the service - apart from a handful of Kool-Aid-glugging bloggers and biz types - while more than 10 million people in seven European countries are registered users. Based in the United Kingdom, with R&D in Sweden, Spotify has created such a buzz overseas that American digital media outlets track the company as if its postmark was Cupertino, California. Each week brings new, feverish speculation that Spotify, which is still negotiating deals with the major U.S. record companies, is about to launch and blow up the marketplace. Complete Article

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