Everyone Hates Ticketmaster, But No One Can Take It Down
Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ 16:50:43 UTC

On June 3, employees of the iconic alt-rock band the Pixies gathered outside the Troxy theater in London for an experiment. Armed with five iPhones and customized barcode scanning software, they spent two hours selling admission to nearly 3,000 fans who had learned of a surprise concert through word of mouth or email. Almost anyone who goes to concerts understands why this is significant. No service charge. Zero. The Pixies and Topspin had sidestepped the seemingly inevitable fees tacked onto any ticket. They had, in other words, sidestepped Ticketmaster, the juggernaut that sells more than 130 million tickets a year for everything from Lady Gaga shows to monster-truck rallies. Complete Article

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