Banshee Looking for High-Powered Football Anthems
Date: Monday, December 27, 2010 @ 17:23:34 UTC

Banshee is looking for high-powered sports anthems to be promoted to fans around the country. Write your best song for cash advances, a publishing deal, and tickets to a regular season pro football game of your choice. Compose a full-length song that captures and celebrates American professional football for fans of all ages. The song can be specifically for your favorite pro team or it can be a non-team specific anthem that focuses on aspects of the game or the fan experience. The recording quality of the demo will not be judged; however, the recording must clearly convey all key song elements (music, melody, lyric). Style and genre are open to interpretation, but the song should resemble sports anthems often played in-stadium: high energy, big beats, infectious grooves, huge chorus, powerful lyrics, celebratory tone, etc. And while the song may be a "battle cry" for your favorite team, it must refrain from defamatory or confrontational attacks on the opponents. Website

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