Fun With Year-End Sales Numbers: Death to the '80s, Indies Rule and Rap Takes a Step Forward
Date: Saturday, January 08, 2011 @ 09:47:16 UTC

The year-end sales numbers released by Nielsen SoundScan contained the usual grim news for the music biz. Album sales once again declined in double-digit fashion, but that was fully expected. Perhaps more surprising and cringe-inducing was the drastic slowdown in growth in the digital sector, as sales of individual songs grew just 1% in 2010, compared to a 28% splurge just two years ago. But with the bigger industry picture having been covered earlier on these digital, tree-friendly pages, Pop & Hiss can further explore the seven-page bonanza of year-end SoundScan stats. So relax, stream your favorite album you downloaded (at no cost) in 2010, and read on. Complete Article

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