2003 Kweevak.com CD of the Year Award Winners Announced
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They labored very hard on making these records so on this Labor Day Weekend we announce that the fourth-annual Kweevak.com CD of the Year Awards winners have been selected. This year the popular music promotion site, Kweevak.com, once again offered two separate categories of Awards - the "Viewer's Choice" awards (selected by viewers of the site) and "CD of the Year" awards (selected by employees and associates of Kweevak.com).

The 2003 "CD of the Year Awards" were presented to the Top-50 CDs sent to the website in the 2002 calendar year. The winners were chosen by a select panel consisting of the staff and associates of the Kweevak.com website. In the opinion of the judges these CDs represented the best submissions received for the year in terms of musical quality, production and overall theme!

Congratulations to this year's "Top-50" CD of the Year Award winners!!! This year's winners were revealed on August 25 during an exclusive announcement on the worldwide Kweevak.com Radio Show -http://www.kweevak.com/rd_radio_show.htm

Please visit the Kweevak.com CD of the Year Awards page - http://www.kweevak.com/rd_cdawards.htm - for artist links and sound clips of this year's winners.

* Accidental Superhero: Full Circle
* Andy Gorwell: Uprooted
* Annie Minogue: Love Parade
* Armand & Bluesology: Too Much Is Just Enough
* Boccigalupe and The Badboys: It's My Turn, Now
* BrokenNess: ICU in Dandylions
* Charlie Souza: 9 Ball in the Corner Pocket
* Church of Betty: Tripping With Wanda
* Craig Bickhardt: Easy Fires
* Delta Moon: Delta Moon
* Dreadnaught: The American Standard
* ekoostik hookah: Ohio Grown
* Entrain: Rise Up 1: Live
* Epoxy: Nothing Else
* Fran Gray: Singular Intent
* Geoff Achison: Chasing My Tail
* Glenn Tilbrook: The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook
* Gold Coast: Latitudes
* Highway 9: What in Samhill?
* Hydraulic Woman: Glad Game
* Jennifer Savage: This World
* Jibilian/Glass: Galaxy Rodeo
* Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan: Rock and Roll Station
* Joe Grushecky: Fingerprints
* John Scofield: uberjam
* Kasim Sulton: Quid Pro Quo
* Marlon Cherry: Elsewhere
* Murry Woods & Tangled Blue: Murry Woods & Tangled Blue II
* Neil Rambaldi: Perpetual Horizon
* Norine Braun: Norine Braun and the Mood Swings
* Patty Blee: Disguise
* Paul Brubaker: ...And The Pursuit of Happiness
* Reese: Eclectic Soul
* Release: Release
* Rise: Uncertain Wonders
* Ruth Hammond: All The Good Things
* Saul Zonana: Guinea Pigs
* Severin Browne: This Twisted Road
* Shannon Cutts: Modern Day Eve
* Shellito: Ingredients
* Spookie Daly Pride: Marshmallow Pie
* Stickfigure: Ape of the Kings
* The Churchills: Big Ideas
* The Crayons: What Color Are You?
* The Holy Goats: The Holy Goats
* The McCloskey Brothers Band: The McCloskey Brothers Band
* The McKenzie Burns Project: The McKenzie Burns Project
* The Renovators: Rhythm and Blueprints
* The Screwdrivers: The Screwdrivers
* tvfordogs: Heavy Denver

NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR 2004: CDs must be received by December 31, 2003 to be eligible for next year's awards and nominations. For more information on becoming a member of the Kweevak.com Music Community and submitting your music please visit http://www.kweevak.com and select the "CD Awards" and "info" sections.

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